Janina Susanne Pohl

High-level conference on “Election Interference in the Digital Age: Building Resilience to Cyber-Enabled Threats”

Building of the European Commission in Brussels.

In October, an EU-conference on the highest political level took place in Brussels. Besides representatives of the EU-commission, members of the EU-parliament, representatives of EU member states, NATO representatives, NGOs, as well as researchers were invited. Many European projects, which are engaged with topics like disinformation and manipulation of societies, were introduced, as their progress and results were presented. The conference devoted much time to highlight some of the latest technologies and tools to emerge in election interference and protection. These range from traditional cyberattacks and online disinformation campaigns to the use of innovative micro-targeting, big data and Artificial Intelligence.

From October 15 to Octorber 16, 2018, Lena Frischlich, Christian Grimme and Thorsten Quandt visited the conference as invited representatives of the project PropStop. Information on speakers, videos of speeches as well as photos are available at https://ec.europa.eu/epsc/events/election-interference-digital-age-building-resilience-cyber-enabled-threats_en